Rehearsal Notes 10/31


Strings, count and keep temp at bar 96.

Winds, don’t forget the diminuendo in bar 119.  

Slight relaxation of the tempo at bar 123.  

Very light and soft at bar 149.  Don’t accent the last beat of the motif (beat 4 of bar 149 for strings; beat 2 of bar 150 for winds).

Second violins have the melody at bar 155.  

At bar 186, brass and clarinet change dynamic to mezzo-piano.  Tempo may relax ever so slightly, but will recover on beat 3 of bar 187.  

Violas have the melody at bar 215.  

At bar 216, beat 4 will be in the new tempo (of the animato).  

Tempo will be a little free in the last 5 bars of the piece, so watch carefully.  


Mvt. I:

Don’t drag at rehearsal M.

At bar 444, don’t leave out any of the sfzorzandi.

At letter O, “laser-sharp” precision.  ‘Mezzo-forte’ at O, then ‘forte’ 8-before Rehearsal P.

Two bars before Rehearsal P, add a staccato to the first 8th note.

At rehearsal P, there needs to be a completely new mood.

Slight stretch of the tempo at bar 501.

Strings can play out at bar 524.  

Don’t let up on the sforzandi leading into Rehearsal R.  

No ritardando at the end of the movement.  

Celli/basses play “extra short” at bar 659.

In bar 685, more space needed between beats 1 and 2.

Mvt. II:

At Rehearsal B, “if you wait for the other section to finish you’ll be late”.  

Practice this movement with a metronome.  Dotted half=116.

Strings watch the tuning at bar 57.

Celli/basses, move together at bar 243.

Horns need more space between notes at bar 260.

A little lighter on accents at bar 317.  

Mvt. IV:

Drop the tied 16th note on beat 2 of bar 1.  

No separation at the fermata in bar 57.

Slight tenuto on 8th note on ‘&’ of beat 2 in bar 57.

“Bell tones” at bar 119 (on the half notes).

“Not delicate” at bar 201.

Keep the tempo steady at bars 258/259.  

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