Course Registration

Why Do We Need to Register?

All members of the orchestra must be enrolled in NCMU 152, (non-credit music) offered through West Valley College. ( The salary of the conductor is based on the enrollment of orchestra members.  The State of California pays the college for each hour of attendance.) Even if you are playing a portion of the concert set, we still need you to register. You can register at anytime.

How To Enroll

1.  Attend a rehearsal and, if you decide to join the orchestra, at the break, make contact with  Pauline Clark in the cello section to obtain an application.

2.  Complete the highlighted sections of the paper application and return it to Pauline  by the end of the rehearsal.

3.  Your registration will be completed through the non-credit office.

There is NO CHARGE for registration!

If you are new to Winchester, please contact us to make sure there is an opening for you and your instrument. We do need all strings and percussion, and on occasion winds and brass. Email us.

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