Rehearsal 10/24


Weekly Schedule:

Monday, October 24

7:30 Mendelssohn

8:15 Beethoven Mvmt 1

8:50 BREAK

9:00 Beethoven Mvmts 3, 2, & 4


Please note the following tempos for the Liszt


The beginning: 100= quarter

Letter B– 66-72 to the half noet

Letter C– back in first tempo

Quasi adagio- 60= quarter

Letter E– 96= quarter

Allegretto vivace– 126-132= quarter

Allegro marziale– 144= quarter

Letter K– slower and broader at trombone entrance

Next key change– 66= half note

Letter M- Piu mosso– 76= half note

Alla breve after Letter N– 80= half note

Piu presto- 88= half note

Presto after Letter P– 96= half note

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