West Valley College – Rehearsal Hall

We rehearse in the Music Building at West Valley College in Saratoga. The Music Building and theater are located off of Allendale Ave. between Quito and Fruitvale.

The following directions will guide you from the Allendale Ave entrance to the closest parking lot, which is Parking Lot 7:

  • From Allendale entrance:
  • Turn onto Theater Way.
  • Turn left at the ‘y’
  • Turn left into Parking Lot 7
  • Parking is $3 and there are pay machines in each lot.

Parking $3 – Parking enforced everyday 7a-10p Permits available in lots.

Then to walk from Parking Lot 7 to the Music Building Rehearsal Hall, Room MU14:

  • Cross street onto main walking path
  • Follow path to Theater
  • Keep going enter building through last doors
  • Rehearsal Hall is first door on left

Parking and Rehearsal Hall Map

Directions to WVC Theater

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