Apr 24 Rehearsal Notes


Mvt 1:

Don’t lose the 8th note pulse in the 9/8 bars.

Rehearsal 9 should be ‘piano’.

‘Attaca’ into movement 2.  


Mvt 2:

Flutes, play out at Rehearsal 12.

Keep it ‘piano’ at Rehearsal 13.


Mvt 3:

Celli, take out the slur at Rehearsal 30

Follow the shape of the line at 26, but keep the underlying pulse

Brass, be more precise at 27

Rehearsal 28 should be a ‘big arrival point’.

Flutes, be fortissimo at 32


Mvt 8:

Watch the key change at Rehearsal 87

Brass, ‘hit-fade’ at Rehearsal 90


Mvt 6:

At 67, violins bring out the inner voices

Clarinets, “just a murmur” at 66


Mvt 7:

In the 3rd bar after 76, add a breath at the end of the bar

Violins, no vibrato at 78



Mvt 3:

At the brass entrance, change the dynamic to ‘MF’

Violins, “float” to the end (last 8 bars)

Violas, please devote some extra practice time to the section at Rehearsal B

Violins, bring out the bottom octave 3 bars after Rehearsal C


Mvt 5:

6 bars after Rehearsal C, 1st violins double the violas

“Gentle syncopation” 5 bars before E

The ‘FF’ at G stays through to the fermata

The bar before the Largo won’t be conducted

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