Rehearsal Notes 12/19/2016

Happy New Year! See you Monday!


Mvt 1:

“Fade out” on chord in bar 36

Strings, “hit-fade” on each chord at Rehearsal C (when you don’t have melody)

Brass, “rip into it” more at Rehearsal E

More “lush” at bar 128

Don’t “throw away” the last note of bar 169

Don’t diminuendo too suddenly at 3 bars before Rehearsal H

In bar 152, subito ‘new tempo’–should be “fun and dance-like”

Brass should dominate at bar 194

In bar 198, ‘MF’ on second half of bar (except flutes and vln)

More tranquil in bar 427

In bar 445, the downbeat needs to be ‘piano’



Don’t let every note be an “island” (at beginning of the movement )

‘MP’ on the downbeat of bar 3

Strings, more tenuto at bar 24

Last 8th note of bar 43 will be dictated

“Driving forward” at bar 66

More melody at bar 99–and “drop the dot”

Less of the 16th note figures at bar 120

At bar 128, winds don’t let tenuto interrupt phrase

“Right in tempo” at bar 170

Violins, more legato at bar 171

3 bars from the end of the movement, horns and bassoons diminuendo to nothing


Mvt 4:

Downbeat of 20 is sforzando-piano

More horn/trumpet at Rehearsal A

Don’t ‘double-dot’ at Rehearsal A

Observe dynamics more closely at Rehearsal C

Last beat of bar 57 is pickup to new tempo

‘Completely different feel’ at Rehearsal E

No diminuendo at Rehearsal U

Michael will dictate 8th note in bar 469





Downbeat of bar 22 should be “FF”

Pickup to bar 27, start to move the tempo

Move the tempo at quarter-note-triplets in bar 34

Brass, more “brassy” at bar 38

Strings, lead dynamically at bar 27

16th notes–not tremello–at bar 48


#2 valse:

Horns, be careful not to drag

Think longer phrases overall

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