Rehearsal Notes 12/5/2016

Please number your bars.

Tchaikovsky #5

Mvt. I:

Stringendo in bar 131 is ‘subito tempo primo’

Downbeat of bar 152 will be the prep into the new tempo

Be softer at Rehearsal H

Keep rhythmic integrity at Rehearsal N

Strings, back off at bar 277

Violins, less rhythmic at bar 427

Be sure to observe the ‘FF’ down to ‘P’ at Rehearsal Y

Play ‘MF’ at Rehearsal B

A little less strings at Rehearsal C, but play out 3 bars after Rehearsal C

Brass, be very crisp at Rehearsal D

Trombones, crescendo in 2nd bar after Rehearsal D (to the next downbeat)


Be sure to diminuendo at the ends of phrases throughout

1st violins, don’t accent Beats 1 and 3 at bar 73

Clarinets “go to the slurred notes” at bar 113

At Rehearsal I, clarinets and bassoons play lighter

Solo oboe/bassoon, play ‘MP’ at bar 161

More 2nd violin at Rehearsal K

At bar 197, diminuendo from beat 1 to beat 2

Clarinets and bassoons, a true ‘FF’ is needed at bar 231

No ritardando into Rehearsal P

Play softer at Rehearsal P

Slight ritardando at the end of the movement (in the penultimate bar)

Movement IV

In bar 1, basses, violas, clarinets, and bassoons should ‘lift’ with the melody

Downbeat of bar 6 should be ‘pianissimo’

Downbeat of bar 14 should be ‘piano’

Softer tonguing needed at bar 20

Play dolcissimo at Rehearsal B

At bar 57, beat 4 will be a prep into the new tempo

Strings, more crescendo needed into Rehearsal H

Keep tempo steady at Rehearsal O

Ease tempo slightly at ‘tempo primo’ in bar 312

Instant mood change needed at Rehearsal R

At Rehearsal U, leave some space between syncopated notes

At bar 469, 8th note will be dictated by Michael




Poco rit in the bar before ‘molto piu mosso’

‘Molto piu mosso’ is not ‘subito’ (we will ease into it)


Slight lift before the downbeat at Rehearsal 4

Rehearsal 12 is ‘subito piu mosso’

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