*please be practicing the Liszt on your own at home!


-clarinets and bassoons, don’t rush at bars 39 and 43.

-at bar 216, the last 8th note of the bar will be in the new tempo (of the ‘Animato); the conducted upbeat (beat 4) will be in the new tempo

-2nd violins and violas bring out the melody at bar 230

-don’t get bogged down with all the 16th notes at Rehearsal H; keep tempo moving forward

-memorize the last 5 bars of the piece (to be able to watch better)


Mvt. I:

-keep the overall dynamic of “piano” at the beginning

-forte-piano at bar 23!

-“play as an ensemble” at Rehearsal A

-very “secco” at bar 198 (those with accompaniment figures)

-woodwinds, don’t slow down on 8th notes starting at Rehearsal G

-don’t rush the 8th notes on the ‘&’ of beat 3 starting at bar 240

-bring out the crescendo to a sforzando in bars 406-408

-try to bring out sforzandi at bar 526

-strings, put a small lift before the downbeats at bars 561 and 565

-1st violins “go to beat 2” at bar 571

Mvt. II

-shape the phrase at bar 27; crescendo on the downbeat of bar 30

-in bar 103, the last 8th note of the bar should be “forte”

-back off to “piano” sooner in bar 101

-20% less 1st violins at bar 145

-flutes, less vibrato at bar 145

-don’t decrescendo until after the downbeat of 152

Mvt. IV

-more “impulses” on the beats at the beginning (will help keep ensemble together)

-in bar 1, don’t be late coming off the tie

-don’t forget the rest in bar 38

-“rounder” pizzicati at bar 12

-don’t lose time at bar 119

-softer at Rehearsal B

-at bar 351, subdivide to accurately place the 32nd note

-2nd violins and violas, more “nagging” at bar 410

-really bring out sforzandi at bar 449

-last note of the movement is a “full quarter note”

-horns and bassoons, don’t tripletize at bar 437

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