Rehearsal Notes 10/10/16


3rd movement:  ‘in 4’ at 10-bars-after Rehearsal ‘I’.


Quarter note=108

Please practice with metronome at home.


Mvt. I

Every sforzando should be preceded by a lift.

“Different sections should have different characters”.

Rehearsal ‘N’ should feel like chamber music–“match each other”.

“Rounder tone” and tenuto at bar 490.

Mvt. II

Conducted in ‘4’.

Violins, a bit softer at bar 69.

“Sting” the sforzandi starting at bar 115.

Mvt. III

“Macro” conducting pattern is ‘in 2’.

Take all repeats.

The pulse stays the same at the ‘Alla breve”.  (Dotted-half=whole note).

Mvt. IV

In ‘2’.

Take all repeats.

Bar 351 will be conducted in ‘4’.

‘Presto’ tempo will be quarter=116

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